Research, UX, Visual, Product Management & Marketing

Product Designer, March 2016–October 2016

Button partners with brands that have a mobile audience and apps that sell goods and services to connect users to actions most relevant to them based on context like where they are. As a product designer at Button, I worked on tools for our partners to create these experiences and implemented research practices and product processes across the org.

Making Campaigns

The partners that use our tools have a range of user types. To figure out the ideal workflows for everyone I did a series of research interviews with partner users and the internal teams that were managing the experience manually, whiteboarded, sketched and ran user tests throughout the design and dev process.

Validations & Learnings

  • Immediate new user adoption
  • Increased undertanding of product offering
  • Improved internal team productivity
  • Increased confidence for existing partners
  • IA problems identified
  • New concepts for marketers
  • New use case of export for team sharing
  • Weight of information being submitted