Research, UX, Visual, Product Management, Brand & Marketing

Director of Design, May 2015–December 2015

Vive is a subscription service for booking on-demand blowout appointments at over 150 partner salons throughout New York City. The team went to Y Combinator in June where we created the entire brand and product experience that resulted in a web app, iOS app and digital marketing campaigns.

Validations & Learnings

  • Widespread behavior change
  • Increase in confirmed bookings
  • Decrease in mistaken bookings
  • Decrease in cancellations
  • Choosing your salon matters
  • Marketplaces make eachother happy
  • Subscriptions need to be all-inclusive
  • Multi-touchpoint experiences are hard

Brand & Marketing

A fresh color palette, playful illustrations and photography that exemplified the feeling of being at the salon.